Dental Exams and Cleanings in Houston

At Cura Smiles, we are strong believers that preventive dentistry is an essential tool for optimal oral health. We recommend that most of our patients visit us twice a year for their dental exams and dental cleanings, ensuring their smile is as clean as possible while allowing us to monitor their oral health.

Dental Cleanings in Houston, TX

Although at-home dental care is an important part of optimal oral health, most patients have areas that are hard to reach or they simply miss. These areas are the perfect environment for debris, bacteria, and plaque to hide, increasing your risk of decay, infection, and even disease. During our dental cleanings in Houston, we use specialized tools, knowledge, and experience to ensure your smile is properly, gently, and thoroughly cleaned.

A man is getting his teeth examined by an dentist.

Dental Exams in Houston, TX

During our dental exams in Houston, we examine your overall oral health, including your teeth, gums, bones, lips, and even jaw. This allows us to monitor for any dental complications such as tooth decay, infections, gum disease, and even oral cancer and treat them early before the problem becomes more severe.

In the event that any dental complications or risk factors are noticed during your visit, we can create a treatment plan to address the problem and restore your oral health.

Schedule Your Dental Checkup in Houston, TX

When is the last time you visited your dentist for a routine exam and cleaning? Schedule an appointment with Cura Smiles today! Our practice is always accepting new patients, and we look forward to helping you care for your smile.