Dental Inlays and Onlays in Houston

Inlay and onlay fillings are made of Zirconia porcelain molded from impressions of your teeth.

What are inlay fillings and onlay fillings? A dental onlay is used to cover the top edges of the tooth. A dental inlay serves as a direct filling in the tooth for optimal restoration. These fillings may offer superior longevity to traditional composite fillings and may be an alternative to a full crown in cases where the damage to the tooth is minimal.

Houston Inlay and Onlay Restorations

When you have a cavity, which is a minor tooth decay problem, you stand the chance of major tooth decay if it is not treated as soon as possible utilizing restoration fillings.
Inlay and onlay fillings are effective solutions to cavities. They are defined as Zirconia porcelain molds that are made from the cavity impression. In addition, they are long-lasting solutions but must be taken care of in order to be sustained. Essentially, Zirconia fillings may be the better choice because they are suitable alternatives to crowns and are typically superior to composite fillings.

A tooth with a missing tooth in it's mouth.

Inlays in Houston, TX

Our inlays in Houston are a direct filling of a cavity that is within the cusps of your affected tooth.

Onlays in Houston, TX

Our onlays in Houston are a direct filling of a cavity that is used when the decay or damage extends beyond the cusps of the tooth.

Regardless, either option will require you to visit us twice in order to complete the restoration procedure. Consequently, there is little to no discomfort.

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Process for Houston Inlays and Onlays

During your first visit, we remove the bacteria and any parts of the affected tooth that are decayed. We make an impression of the cavity, which is then sent to a laboratory. Immediately, they fabricate the Zirconia filling to fit your tooth perfectly. At the same time, we fit you with a temporary filling and schedule your next appointment, which will roughly be about seven days later.

During your second visit, we remove the temporary filling, clean the affected area and cement the inlay or onlay Zirconia filling. This tooth restoration filling is molded to fit the natural shape of your tooth and should, therefore, leave you with little discomfort.
It is important to practice good dental hygiene in order to prevent future tooth decay problems and, additionally, to ensure the longevity of the inlay and onlay fillings. For this purpose, brushing your teeth daily, flossing, and having regular dental checkups are vital parts of ensuring good oral health.

Contact us immediately if any complications arise from your inlay or onlay fillings. It is very rare for complications to arise, but it is possible, and the sooner any issues are seen, the quicker they can be resolved and thus enjoy better oral health.

Get Dental Onlays and Inlays in Houston, TX Today

Contact Cura Smiles of Houston to make your appointment. We offer professional and effective inlay and onlay filling procedures. Our skilled Houston dentist team knows how to properly identify whether the tooth is excessively damaged and in need of a dental crown or can be fixed with inlay or onlay restoration filling or tooth restoration filling. Contact us for our affordable restoration filling cost. Our patients leave smiling, and the world smiles back at them.