Tooth Extraction Services in Houston

Having a tooth pulled is no fun, but sometimes when there has been severe trauma to a tooth, a tooth extraction needs to be performed.

A decayed tooth that has suffered damage beyond repair must be removed. Advanced bone disease, infections, and extremely large cavities are among the reason that certain teeth require removal. Our dental clinic aims to stress the importance of oral hygiene to avoid tooth decay and serious infections, but if a tooth has been neglected for far too long, then tooth extraction may be necessary. Implants, dentures or a bridge are the options at that point—implants being the preferred choice.

A tooth being pulled out of the mouth with a pair of scissors.

Tooth Extraction in Houston

No one wants to have a tooth pulled with how much a bridge, dentures, or implants cost. But, extraction must be performed if your tooth has suffered severe damage. There are a number of treatments that can repair a damaged tooth. However, there are times when a tooth is beyond repair. Therefore, the best course of treatment is a tooth extraction because the severely damaged tooth may cause pain and discomfort and lead to other teeth becoming damaged.

Who Needs a Tooth Extraction in Houston, TX?

Some of the main causes of severe damage that requires a tooth extraction are extremely large and untreatable cavities and infections as well as advanced bone or gum disease. Furthermore, some may suffer a traumatic accident or even a fall which can cause a tooth to become severely damaged and unsalvageable. While you should practice good oral hygiene in order to prevent damage at this level, there are times when a problem is neglected for too long.

A close up of the teeth with braces on them

Cura Smiles of Houston Tooth Extraction

At Cura Smiles of Houston, we perform professional tooth extractions where we remove the entire tooth from the bone. Additionally, we provide local anesthetic, which numbs the tooth and the surrounding area. There is some discomfort after the procedure, but it is a simple procedure that doesn’t require any downtime. Furthermore, the area where the tooth is extracted will heal over two to four weeks as both gum tissue and bone grow over the hole. There are options available to have the tooth replaced after the extraction. These include dentures, a bridge, and a dental implant. We discuss these options with you and help you decide which option to choose. Eventually, we can assist you with the replacement.

Houston Tooth Extraction Aftercare

After tooth extraction, it is very important to keep the area clean. For instance, practice good oral hygiene and avoid anything that can cause infection, such as smoking. Once the area has healed entirely, good oral hygiene must be continued to prevent future tooth decay or any other issues. While some discomfort is likely, you shouldn’t be suffering severe pain. Pain might be a sign of infection, so it is best to contact us to ensure a clean healing process after the tooth extraction.

Get a Tooth Extraction in Houston, TX

Contact Cura Smiles of Houston if you suspect you need treatment for a damaged tooth. We provide the most comfortable and painless tooth extraction in Houston possible.