Root Canal Treatments in Houston

Experiencing chronic toothache? Have tooth sensitivity when trying to drink or eat? Considering root canals in Houston, TX? When you need a root canal, you typically will suffer from chronic nerve pain. This can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. A root canal procedure helps to alleviate chronic nerve pain from a tooth. When a large cavity is present near the nerve space which is the pulp chamber, or center of the tooth, a root canal crown may be the best course of treatment. It prevents further damage to the tooth and relieves chronic pain.

The pulp chamber within the actual tooth is made up of connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. These are what help the tooth develop. When a cavity forms in the hard layers of the tooth, the enamel and dentin, it exposes the soft pulp inside the tooth. Apart from the pain this causes, the cavity can cause the entire tooth to decay and become infected, which then leads to other teeth being damaged. Seeking treatment is vital at the first signs of a cavity, especially if it reaches the pulp chamber.

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A tooth with root and caries on it

Root Canals in Houston

At Cura Smiles, we detect decay early and offer endodontic treatment in the form of an effective root canal in Houston, saving you money later. This procedure will save the tooth and you from pain and discomfort. A root canal is much like a filling and will typically need two visits to complete the procedure.

We use a local anesthetic to number the affected tooth and the surrounding area. Using small tools, we clean the inside of the tooth and file away the decaying portion. When the tooth is cleared of bacteria and is ready to be fitted, an impression is made of the area, and a temporary filling is put in place.

Your Second Visit

The second visit is when you will receive the permanent dental crown or fixture, which might include a supporting post on the inside of the tooth. This is largely dependent on the tooth’s condition and will affect the crown cost.

After a root canal, it is vital to maintain good oral hygiene. Follow-up appointments might be necessary to ensure all signs of infection are gone. It is very important to take care of your teeth, especially after a root canal. This will ensure you have a low risk of having to undergo another root canal. Contact us if there are any signs of discomfort. There should be little to no pain after the procedure, and the fitting should feel comfortable.

Schedule Your Houston Root Canal

If you want to book an appointment for root canals in Houston, TX, contact Cura Smiles of Houston. We provide professional root canal treatments in Houston that are effective and guaranteed to ease your discomfort.