Dental Fillings in Houston

We’ve all been warned of getting a cavity because of harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay. Acids, starches, and sugars penetrate the tooth, and thus a cavity is born. The good news is that a cavity in the beginning stages only causes a breakdown of a small part of the tooth. Often, a tooth in the very beginning stages of a cavity can repair its own enamel if the patient observes better preventive measures and oral hygiene practices. For dental fillings in Houston, TX, schedule your appointment today.

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Who Needs Dental Fillings in Houston?

Once the bacteria have been removed from the tooth and the affected weak tooth remnants cleared, teeth-colored composite fillings are used to restore the tooth and bring it back to its original shape. Cavity fillings in teeth restore any cracked or misshaped parts of the tooth so that further bacteria cannot enter where additional decays can present themselves. A cavity can be filled with a variety of different composite fillings and can be determined by our team of skilled dentists.

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Selecting Dental Fillings in Houston

Cura Smiles can help you choose the right material for your dental fillings to repair and preserve your teeth with minimal discomfort. Cavities in the beginning stages only cause a breakdown of a small part of the tooth. Once the bacteria have been removed from the tooth and the affected weak tooth remnants cleared, a tooth-colored filling is used to restore the tooth and bring it back to its original shape. During a dental filling procedure, a local anesthetic is used to numb the tooth and its surrounding area prior to the removal of the decayed portion of the tooth. The patient should experience little or no discomfort during the procedure. Once cavity-free, the tooth is then cleaned and filled with a composite material to seal the tooth and recreate its natural surface. The following materials are offered for dental fillings:

  • Composite - Composite is a resin-based filling material immediately placed into a cavity-free preparation. Initially, resin-based composites are soft, allowing them to be pressed and molded into the tooth preparation. Once the proper shape is achieved, the composite restoration is activated by a special light cure, and the newly placed filling becomes hard.

  • Zirconia - Cavities can be restored by Zirconia porcelain thru the use of Inlays or Onlays instead of composite fillings. An impression is made of the cavity-free tooth and sent to a laboratory to fabricate the Zirconia restoration; a temporary filling is placed in preparation while the restoration is being produced. At a second visit, usually, seven days after, the temporary filling is removed, and the Zirconia filling is cemented in the cavity-free tooth. Zirconia fillings are stronger, more aesthetically pleasing, and longer lasting than composite restoration but are finished in two visits versus composites, which are finalized in one visit.

Fillings should provide an excellent solution to minor tooth decay problems; however, complications can occasionally occur. If you feel a sharp edge or experience abnormal sensitivity, you should immediately contact your dentist for an appointment. Tooth pain should never be ignored! Your dentist will check the condition of your fillings at your regular checkups and inform you if they should need to be replaced. Regular dental checkups and cleaning, along with daily brushing, flossing, and other dental hygiene habits, will prolong the life of your fillings and the overall health of your mouth.

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